Are you booking for 2018?
Yes! For pricing information, send us a message

How long does it take to receive wedding photos?
You will receive your photos 6-8 weeks after your wedding date. We deliver the photos in an online gallery with a digital download as well as on a custom USB.

What are the perks of having two photographers rather than one?
Having two lead photographers at your wedding has endless benefits. Here are a few of the key reasons why we recommend it:

  • All of the prep moments are captured. There is no running back and forth between the hotel rooms or houses missing big belly laughs and wide eyed excitement. We’ve got it covered.
  • You get two angles of each moment. The bride coming down the aisle and the groom teeming with excitement or each of you responding to one another’s vows with huge grins. Plus tons more photos of the special guests you invited to enjoy your day.
  • While we have a very similar shooting style, we each have a unique way of seeing things. You get two times the creativity and vision. Jesse has an eye for composition and in between moments, while Lexi is a sucker for emotion and elegantly simple poses. It’s double the good stuff.

How much coverage do I need?
7 hours is a great starting point for wedding coverage, as it typically covers getting ready through the major events of the reception. We can work together to figure out how much coverage you need, whether it's more or less.

Do you only do weddings?
Nah! We do family sessions, engagement sessions, portrait sessions, and lots of other things. Just contact us, we love collaborating!

Other questions? We've got answers!