Nico and Billy | One Year Anniversary Session in St. Augustine, FL

On the day of this session Nico and Billy were having a bout of bad luck. While they ran into a few little mishaps, the biggest was that this beautiful (and delicious!) cake from Sweet Theory took a tumble onto Nico's dress as they were leaving for the shoot. But miraculously, with team work and A+ optimism she cleaned up her dress, Jesse re-assembled the cake, and we had one of our best shoots yet! Nico and Billy were married a year ago and only told a handful of people. On their one year anniversary they announced their marriage using our photos (seriously how romantic!) It was a pleasure to shoot these photos knowing all of the love and anticipation that was going into them. It is so fun meeting incredible couples through our job, thank you Nico and Billy for letting us photograph this momentous announcement and spending time with us.